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"Conclusions and Final Thoughts

The Metronome Technologie CD 8 S Player is an outstanding player in every aspect of its design, as a CD Player it is one of the finest in its genre and as a standalone DAC it is simply stunning. It does everything well and I cannot simply fault it at anything. The sound is sublime and one of the most visceral and thrilling players I have heard to date. It puts you right in the middle of the music and you command it. I cannot recommend this player anymore highly as it is simply a joy to use. CD has just got a massive boost as far as I am concerned as there is still a lot of life left in this media when players of this calibre are created."

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Haute Fidélité couv Jan 2016


"... a high-range DAC"

The newest CD8 S was reviewed in the special issue of Haute Fidelite dedicated to high-resolution, January 2016

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metronome news 5

Product Of The Year 2008 (China)

By Hi-Fi Review
Awarded products : T3A Signature + C3A Signature

metronome news 2

Super Audio Vidéo Award 2009 (China)

Produit concerné : T3A

metronome news 4

Best Audio Vidéo Product 2011 (Japan)

Produit concerné : CD One T Signature

metronome news 11

The standing point of Hifinews on Metronome transports

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metronome news 8

Métronome on the New Audiophile front page

With a Limited Edition of CD8 for the Chinese market, the gorgeous integrated player is the star !

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metronome news 7

 A new flattering review for CD8 tube

Very nice paper in Fidelity Magazin (for German-speakers only...)

metronome news 6

C8+ is Product of the Month in HAUTE FIDELITÉ

C8+ is the first innovation since Métronome was taken over in 2014 by Jean Marie Clauzel et Christian Bat.
It looks like it was appreciated by the French reference magazine Haute Fidelite reviewers ...

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metronome news 9

T5 Signature "... a stellar sound"

Tested by Italian magazine FEDELTA DE SUONO

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39 contents hifinews c8 sept 2015

C8+ : "...this is how digital should sound"

In HIFINEWS issue of September 2015

39 couv hifinews le player july 2015

Le Player CD and DAC reviewed

The latest integrated CD reviewed by Hifinews, UK

39 haute fidelite cover juin juillet 2015 le player

Review of Le Player CD and DAC 

The last integrated CD from Metronome was reviewed by Haute Fidelite in France

Whathifi cover april 16

"When entry level sounds this good..."

One more successful review of Le Player. Finally we gonna be pretty sure it is a good device, no ? Download the review here

Whathifi temptation april 16

CD8 S Stereophile March 2016 cover

"The French do things differently"

A new review for the famous CD8 S, DAC and CD player. Most flattering about its sound performances, and that's the most important, isn't it?

Hifinews cover 052016

"this player exhibits precisely the kind of finesse and musicality that one now expects from any serious digital component. Bravo!"

A new positive opinion about CD8 S...

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