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Product Of The Year 2008 (China)

By Hi-Fi Review
Awarded products : T3A Signature + C3A Signature

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Super Audio Vidéo Award 2009 (China)

Produit concerné : T3A

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Best Audio Vidéo Product 2011 (Japan)

Produit concerné : CD One T Signature

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Métronome on the New Audiophile front page

With a Limited Edition of CD8 for the Chinese market, the gorgeous integrated player is the star !

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39 couv hifinews le player july 2015

Le Player CD and DAC reviewed

The latest integrated CD reviewed by Hifinews, UK

39 haute fidelite cover juin juillet 2015 le player

Review of Le Player CD and DAC 

The last integrated CD from Metronome was reviewed by Haute Fidelite in France

audiophile mag dsc1

DSC1 in the French Audiophile Magazine

Published in French language (click on "Translate" in your browser)

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Hi Fi Review cover 396

AQWO in HIFI review #396

AQWO is the Star of this issue of Chinese HiFi Review !

dsc1 audiostream 2019

A Métronome (DSC1) for the first time in Audiostream

A complete review by Rafe Arnott

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DSC1 hifilive 2019

The complete test of DSC1 in Hifi Live

The DAC and streamer shelled by the Spanish online mag

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Discover the very high end audio of Métronome Technologie