Models : DSC - DSC1 - DSS.

DSC and DSC1 stand for Digital Sharing Converters, and is a hybrid device in one box that will become the most precious piece of your system. It will allow you to decode the highest resolution files, such as DSD512, from all your mobile and network devices, through DLNA protocol. The Metronome making assures a high manufacturing quality, but above all the pleasure of a precise and refined sound reproduction. In one word, this is live music !

Designed as a pure transport, DSS gives network playing and streaming functions to the other elements of your system, for instance your AQWO or your Le DAC!

All devices in the Digital Sharing range are Roon Ready and allow you to connect your Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz or Deezer accounts for optimal listening comfort.

Many DLNA-compatible apps can be used, and we advise using the mConnect player (available in both Apple iOS and Android formats). This easy-to-use app allows a fluent network browsing, reading high-resolution music files, driving playlists...

Highlights and Design specifications :

As always, the entire design and engineering was made by Métronome Technologie research and innovation office.

DSS has no internal converter, so will be easily plugged to any hi-fi system having a S/P DIF, AES EBU, optical or compatible HDMI digital input.

DSC1 is a top high-end D/A converter, which uses two last-generation conversion chips AK4497 (one per channel). This results in an excellent precision, which perfectly conjugates with the analogue savoir-faire of Métronome... Sound reproduction is very well defined, aerial, and powerful…

DSC is a three-in-one: digital converter, streamer and pre-amp. All the qualities of DSC1 + DSD streaming up to 256, a brand new touchscreen and the famous volume control by Leedh Processing.

Thanks to its timeless sleek design, DSC1 will integrate beautifully all audio systems...


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